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Created topic  › The four-in-one mixed embroidery machine is cost-effective

According to the sewing function, it can be divided into the ordinary flat embroidery machine, sequin embroid

«  2021-08-10
Created topic  › The existence of embroidery machine spare parts is very important

In the process of embroidering using an embroidery machine, the reasons for such problems are often caused by improper operation. Improper o

«  2021-07-21
Created topic  › A wide variety of computerized embroidery machines

The embroidery machine is also known as the computerized embroidery machine. It is the most advanced embroidery machine in the contemporary

«  2021-07-14
Created topic  › A wide variety of computerized embroidery machines

The embroidery machine is also known as the computerized embroidery machine. It is the most advanced embroidery machine in the contemporary

«  2021-07-14
Created topic  › Which devices can be used with a single-head embroidery machine?

After decades of development, the single head embroidery machine has not only undergone earth-s

«  2021-06-16
Created topic  › What Are The Advantages of Sequins Embassy Machine?

Sequins engraving machine adopts a variety of sequins feeding flower plates/feeding cams/needle swinging flower plates with unique desi

«  2021-06-09
Created topic  › How is the embroidery version of the computerized embroidery machine produced?

The production of high-quality embroidery products not only requires a high-quality single head embroidery machine

«  2021-04-27
Created topic  › Computer embroidery becomes a combination of art and technology

The towel embroidery mac

«  2021-04-14
Created topic  › Personalized embroidery with an embroidery machine

Does your child often take the wrong things from classmates or his own things are taken by classmates by mistake?

We are here to share a practical and beautiful method, which is to embroider your own name or embroider your fa

«  2021-04-06
Created topic  › How to meet the diversified needs of customers for embroidery machines?

In recent years, with the progress of the times, customers have more diversified needs for computer flat embroidery machines

«  2021-03-30
Created topic  › Knowledge about the composition of multi-head embroidery machines

Since each model has the problems of the number of heads, the number of needles, the form of stretchers and the form of stitches, the combination and arrangement of these and the detailed classification will make the

«  2021-03-16
Created topic  › What guarantees the beauty of computer embroidery?

The high efficiency of computerized embroidery machines in embroidery is obvious to all. Those who have used the equipment, all know that the embroidery machine can ensure that the patterns of Xiuzhi have a high degree of beauty during the use process. So as far as th

«  2021-03-09
Created topic  › The fusion of ancient and modern clothing

In recent years, Chinese culture has slowly penetrated the world, and Chinese elements have become the goal of designers. Fashionable clothing has begun to have a new understanding and innovation. Chinese elements such as embroidery, silk and stand-up collars have bee

«  2021-03-03
Created topic  › The key to the survival of embroidery machine enterprises is product quality

Embroidery machines are the machines used when embroidering. When embroidery first broke away from manual embroidery, the so-called embro

«  2021-02-24
Created topic  › Reasons to choose the cap embroidery machine

Professional cap embroidery machines have in excess of ten needles. This enables them to work on a larg

«  2021-02-17
Created topic  › The integration and development of computer embroidery and traditional embroidery

The development of computer embroidery requires both popularization and individualization. The emergence of

«  2021-01-27
«  2020-11-09
Created topic  › The principle of flat embroidery machine


«  2020-10-19
Created topic  › The goal of embroidery machine manufacturer

Zhuji Zhiyu Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, near YIWU and HANGZHOU. Our factory is an

«  2020-09-15
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