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Created topic  › Prepare some mechanics which aren't in EVE Online?

EVE Online players often engage in battles that are not available in other matches. What about

«  2020-08-23
Created topic  › For this day I have a taste for fantasy video games

Because my parents did not understand I had been playing Runescape along with people, there were not any rules to regulate my own behavior. My very first guild melted away as soon as the 

«  2020-08-18
Created topic  › I am a gamer that is patient

Consoles have become standardised PC hardware in a premium price. They're mainly beholden to also their willingness to invest in servers which leads to D/l rates that are shitty and 

«  2020-08-14
Created topic  › EVE Monetisation Explained

A five dollar saline subscription is better than I had been hoping for. Along with the people.downvoting this are the types I cite in the video". "NO! I am OUTRAGED that I can't have everything in existence! I want excellent matches NOW for FREE!!" I believe that it's more that 

«  2020-08-11
Created topic  › Is CCP or NetEase currently controlling EVE?

Which always broke down as soon as super capitals were set up, the counter for them being supers. Because one of said super powers permits them to present, any alliance who isnt Panfam adapting, or GOON/Legacy exists.

«  2020-08-07
Created topic  › NBA 2K20 appears to be among the most basketball games

The new card is LeBron's best because his card available for Outside of Position players released a few weeks back. Together with 

«  2020-08-03
Created topic  › OSRS

After sitting there for what was probably hours, then you pluck up the courage to get out. You come to terms with this being the the end, hoping the head squeeze doesn't reach Oberyn Martell amounts, but he actually lets go. Turns out it wasn't doing it to spare you, and you also hear it is laugh

«  2020-07-26
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