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Created topic  › What is a condenser coil?

Possible signs of a problem with the condenser coil?

«  2020-12-04
Created topic  › What behaviors will affect the operation of the air compressor crankshaft?

The heat generated by the compressor during normal operation should not cause overheating. Normal motor heating, compression heat and frictional heat have been carefully considered when designing the compressor, and corresponding cooling measures have been taken.

«  2020-11-27
Created topic  › Motor is the collective term for electric motor and generator

Motor is a collective term for electric motor and generator. Among them, there are synchronous motors and asynchronous motors. What is the difference between these two kinds of motors?

Synchronous motor:

«  2020-10-23
Created topic  › Using CBN Servo Grinder with Automatic Probe Compensation Function

In the air compressor crankshaft precision cylindrical grinder, the modern advanced c

«  2020-10-09
Created topic  › Do you know the crankshaft of an air compressor?

Do you know what an air compressor c

«  2020-08-21
Created topic  › The condenser adopts a patented design of dry coil insulation

The outdoor condensing unit is a key component of the supermarket refrigeration system. When the hot refrigerant enters the

«  2020-08-14
Created topic  › Centrifugal fan requirements for fan wheel

Centrifugal fan requirements for fan wheel

«  2020-08-07
Created topic  › A clogged evaporator coil may cause equipment damage

Why clean the condenser coil?

«  2020-07-24
Created topic  › Ductile casting is a very useful product

How to remove iron from

«  2020-07-17
Created topic  › Introduction to Characteristics of Cross Flow Fan in Heat Dissipation Fan Industry

Through observation, we found that the cross-flow fan has the following five characteristics:

«  2020-07-10
Created topic  › Do you know what PTAC is?

The packaged terminal air conditioner (often abbreviated PTAC) is a type of self-contained heating and air conditioning sys

«  2020-07-01
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