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Set in two ideal locations, Royal Continental Hotel Deira City Center, a Dubai Airport Hotel, and Royal Continental Suites Business Bay at the strand of Dubai Canal and near Dubai Downtown, both offer business travelers and holidaymakers a stylish and welcoming haven. With a variety of rooms and suites to meet all requirements and tastes, as well as a host of business and leisure facilities, dining outlets, and amenities, Royal Continental Hotel and Suites provide the discerning traveler with impeccable accommodation and service in relaxed contemporary surroundings. Suited to both short city breaks or an extended vacation, we pride ourselves on offering a unique and technologically advanced experience through our innovative in-room hospitality facilities and tastefully appointed units. Whether you need a hotel room or a fully furnished apartment, we have it for you. Experience uncompromising yet affordable luxury and comfort at Royal Continental Hotel, the Best Luxury Business Hotel near airport, and at Royal Continental Suites, a modern and classy Deluxe Hotel Apartment right in the heart of Dubai’s business and entertainment areas.

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