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We are a professional jammer business, there are many types of high-quality jamming equipment, you can try it if you are interested.

Last activity 2022-09-19
Created topic  › GPS signal jammer for those who travel a lot

  In the modern age, most of us rely on technology for work, leisure, and convenience. This means most of our lives exist in an online space as we leave traceable footprints passing through. Anytime we use a map feature to get anywhere or log onto public wifi, we are instantly susceptible to d

«  2022-09-19
Created topic  › Your car brand has exposed your personal information

  Complaints about vehicle surveillance and intelligence gathering are real. For example, tracking where a car goes can also reveal a person's favorite place. It records and records all your movements, letting you know where you relax, where you eat, and who visits you in your free ti

«  2022-09-07
Created topic  › The use of mobile phone jammers in schools is a very effective method

With the improvement of people's living standards, mobile phones seem to have become their main tools. They not only use mobile phones, but also use them as social and entertainment devices to spend their fr

«  2021-04-07
Created topic  › mobile jammers in the international market

Car tracking interference signals are also mobile jammers. The high-end mobile phone signal interference is completely modular. Users can add necessary shielding to the GPS module and WIFI shielding module,

«  2021-01-11
Created topic  › Jammer is the research direction of modern weapons

Blocking cell phone signals is very useful. Your child's puberty has arrived; you know that you have no right to order again, so please open your forehead and buy this mobile phone signal jammer, wifi will i

«  2020-10-25
Created topic  › The laws of jammers are different

The signal is transmitted at a specific frequency and power. Before using such equipment, you should carefully consider the possible consequences. It is important to know exactly how often to delete. You can

«  2020-07-28
Created topic  › GPS jammers can interfere

In the case of frequency interference, it occurs like many other advances, including technological advances: there are always people who use them improperly. Interfering transmitters may have legitimate uses

«  2020-06-15
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