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Pharmaceutical Development Group (PDG) assists FDA regulated firms in the navigation of the U.S. submission, approval and post-marketing procedures across a variety of dosage forms and therapeutic areas. Our expertise spans prescription and nonprescription (OTC) drugs, both NDA and monograph, as well as devices. While PDG possesses the resources and experience to address large scale development projects, long-term regulatory strategies and complex non-clinical and clinical issues, we remain as nimble and responsive as the day of our founding. We can quickly and efficiently address unexpected emergencies.

Last activity 2022-03-14
Created topic  › Spontaneous Reporting, Post-Marketing Monitoring Of Suspected Adverse Medication Events

Postmarketing drug surveillance refers to the monitoring of medications after they have been approved for use in clinical trials and have reached the market. Drugs consumed by people under a broad variety of settings over a long length of time are evaluated in this research. Such observation grea

«  2022-03-14
Created topic  › Is the approval of the device significant in the health care industry?

Medical device manufacturing companies must follow the guidelines approved by FDA. They can request the permission of their device by submitting the request letter to the secretary of the FDA. Device approval is crucial in the health care industry, and it should meet up the guidelines framed by t

«  2022-03-02
Created topic  › What are the uses of combination devices and their abilities?

The FDA will have reports about various treatments and therapies that help people improve their health conditions. The combination products are diagnostic and therapeutic products from devices, drugs, and biological products. The

«  2022-02-15
Created topic  › Visible Particles within Injectable Products

The FDA expects and requires that Sterile Injectable Products adhere to strict FDA standards pertaining to quality, purity, safety, and efficacy. As a result, Patients and Physicians rely upon and trust that the Injectable Products they administer adhere to the same high standards.

«  2022-01-05
Created topic  › Latest news and analysis for the pharmaceutical industry news

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, the pharmaceutical industry is mobilizing to fight the virus. The COVID-19 Centre gathers the latest Pharmaceutical industry news

«  2021-12-02
Created topic  › For what purposes needs to use the pharma consulting services

For the newly established pharmaceutical company, three needs some of the services to get approved and distribute the drug. We are providing good support to them and providing the best services to them. We specialize in each department and provide more guidelines. Our expert team will support you

«  2021-11-19
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