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Created topic  › Single-layer paper cups and double-layer paper cups

What is a single-layer paper cup, what is a double-layer paper cup, and what is a double-layer pla paper cup? A single-lay

«  2021-12-19
Created topic  › Paper cup materials must have a certain printability

Disposable paper cups can be roughly divided into cold drink cups and hot drink cups according to their uses. The two paper cups have different requirements for the quality of paper cup materials due to their different uses and processing forms. In addition to meet

«  2021-09-03
Created topic  › Paper cups must first be non-toxic and harmless

Today we will talk about the use of paper cups in beverage packaging:

1. A big function of paper cups

«  2021-08-19
Created topic  › Let bagasse turn waste into treasure

At present, plastic has brought convenience to our lives. Plastic products such as plastic bags, express boxes, and plastic water cups are flooded in every scene of our lives. Plastics are widely used in various fields due to their rich characteristics.

«  2021-06-24
Created topic  › Bagasse paper bowl is oil-proof and environmentally friendly

Product description:

Our bagasse bowls are made of high-qualit

«  2021-05-26
Created topic  › What are the benefits of using bagasse meal?

Disposable tableware has brought convenience to people's lives, especially with the development of the food delivery industry, the number of disposable tableware consumed by people has increased sharply. And now there is a

«  2021-05-05
Created topic  › Analysis of the disadvantages of plastic cups

Plastic products have brought a lot of convenience to our daily lives, but they have also created a lot of pollution for us. Water-Based Dispersion Coating Paper Cups

«  2021-04-28
Created topic  › How to choose a safe paper cup?

Aqueous Coating Paper Cups are generally waxed paper cups and PE c

«  2021-04-21
Created topic  › How can we change the status quo of the use of plastic products?

As of 2015, approximately 6.3 billion tons of plastic waste has been generated in the world in the past 60 years. Except for 9.5% which is recycled and reused, approximately 12% of plastic waste is incinerated and 79% is accumulated in landfills or disposed of in na

«  2021-04-14
Created topic  › Briefly analyze the classification of paper cups

The general raw materials for recyclable paper cups are food-grade wood pulp paper + food grade PE film.

«  2021-04-07
Created topic  › Teach you how to choose paper cups

Look: When choosing a disposable paper cup, don’t just look at the color of the paper cup. Don’t think that the whiter the color, the more hygienic it is. In order to make the cup look whiter, some paper cup manufacturers add a lot of fluorescent whitening agents. Onc

«  2021-03-19
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