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Created topic  › Maintenance work of airless paint sprayer

Airless paint sprayer is an advanced technology often used by construction workers in the production of products in recent years, and the construction

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Created topic  › Oil-free compressor, oil-free and environmentally friendly

Today LUXI is here to tell you about the characteristics of oil-free compressors. If you are interested, l

«  2021-02-22
Created topic  › Airless sprayer has been widely used in many fields

With the advancement of science and technology, the coating industry is developing in the direction of mechanization, automation and continuity. The previous manual brushing and roller coating can no longer meet the requirements of modern industry. High-pressure

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Created topic  › Intelligent design of oil-lubricated compressor

Today Luxi Tools will tell you about the relevant knowledge of

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Created topic  › Manual spray gun is operated by hand

Manual spray gun is a spray gun that needs to be operated by spraying personnel at all times. The spray gun is operated by hand. In this article, Luxi Tools mainly explains how to use manu

«  2021-01-18
Created topic  › Application And Use of An Oil Lubricated Compressor

Oil lubricated compressor require oil to ensure the

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Created topic  › Electric paint sprayer have extremely high painting efficiency

Spraying machine is the general name of coating equipment such as glue spraying machine, glue coating machine and paint spraying machine. The principle is to provide the power source to the machine in the form of electric power, and disperse the coating into mist t

«  2020-10-26
Created topic  › Related applications of hot melt glue machine

Hot melt glue machines are used in the home appliance industry, automobile industry, filter industry, bottle cap bonding industry, non-woven fabric industry, packaging industry, packaging

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Created topic  › Also pay attention to technical service and after-sales service

Teach you how to buy spray gun?

«  2020-09-21
Created topic  › The machinery industry is still the most important market for air compressors

The machinery industry is still the most important market for air compressors

«  2020-09-14
Created topic  › What are the characteristics of a high-quality air compressor?

Spraying machine manufacturers to introduce the main characteristics of spraying machine.

1. High construction efficiency-

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Created topic  › What are the characteristics of air tools?

Air tools have the following characteristics compared with air tools

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Created topic  › The greatest advantage of airless spraying machine is environmental protection

Today, Hongyi Hydraulic introduced the main performance of high-pressure

«  2020-02-24
Created topic  › How to choose and buy a high pressure airless sprayer?

Because the distance is relatively high when decorating the ceiling of the house, we will use a high-pressure airless spraying machine, which can fully atomize the paint. When spraying through the spray gun nozzle, the paint can be guaranteed to enter the ceiling m

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