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Created topic  › Chronic Prostatitis Improvement -- What Is Kegel Exercise?

Prostatitis can be divided into two types. For acute prostatitis, patients can take antibiotic treatment. While for chronic prostatitis, trad

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Created topic  › Male Attention -- Epididymitis And Its Therapy And Nursing

When males develop some bad habits at home, their body resistance will gradually go downhill, resulting in the invasion of bacteria that you can not put up with. When these bacteria target your epididymis,

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Created topic  › Making-Trouble Brothers -- Prostatitis And Seminal Vesiculitis

Both prostate gland and seminal vesicle gland belong to accessory gonads of the male urogenital system, and their secretions constitute the main portion of the seminal plasma. 

Put the index finger into about five centimeter of the anus and you can feel the seminal vesicle on th

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Created topic  › Long-term Pelvic Pain Indicates The Presence Of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Many female friends experience pelvic pain for a long period of time, which often indicates the presence of pelvic inflammatory disease

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Created topic  › What Underpants Are Suitable For Sufferers With Chronic Prostatitis?

Chronic prostatitis seems to be a huge challenge to male friends as the prostate is a fragile and important gland of male urogenital system. 

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Created topic  › What Vitamins Are Helpful For Chronic Prostatitis?

Generally, male infertility is associated with poor or inactive sperm in males. When chronic prostatitis

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Created topic  › Endometriosis -- One Of The Most Complicated Gynecological Diseases

Recently, Mrs. Dina, aged 32, visited a doctor and complained that she suffered from intense pain in menses, especially at the beginning of the period. She always looked pale and was disturbed about nausea, vomiting and other symptoms. 

Mrs. Dina has thought this situation can b

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Created topic  › Correct These Mistakes About Handling Seminal Vesiculitis

Seminal vesiculitis whic

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Created topic  › Can Bee Venom Acupuncture Be Used To Solve Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis?

Generally speaking, bee venom acupuncture is based on the effect of worker bee tail needle and bee venom produced by venom sac. 

Experts point out that the effect of bee venom on the meridians and skin of the human body can reach the effect of warming meridians and unblocking me

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Created topic  › Beware Of “Fake News” About Prostatitis

Many men become introverted when they feel something wrong with their prostate gland. 

When it comes to the prostatitis, th

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Created topic  › Why Do You Have To Avoid Sex When Experiencing Seminal Vesiculitis?

Seminal vesiculitis affects males' daily

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Created topic  › Female Health -- How To Recognize Acute PID And Chronic PID

PID, short for pelvic inflammatory disease, is a common female illness, which is very common in sexually

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Created topic  › Question -- How To Effectively Drink Water When Suffering From Prostatitis?

Nowadays, prostatitis in men is a very common challenge, which usually

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Created topic  › Fuyan Pill For Sufferers With Endometriosis, Which Is Worth Taking

Endometriosis, today’s topic, is a common female illness, which may emerge in the lower abdomen, uterus and venation on uterus, a

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Created topic  › Why Dose Drinking Fruit Juice Help Prevent Urinary Tract Infection After Sex?

Excessive sexual life makes female easily exposed to vaginitis and cystitis. A study has proved that for females who have sexual intercourse over 3 times per week, about half of them will suffer from primary

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Created topic  › Prostate Health: Stay Away From The Irritation Caused By Spicy Food, Alcohol And Cigarette

Life is all about why. 

As for your prostate health, 

Why did prostatitis occur?

Why did you fail to treat it?

«  28 days ago
Created topic  › Orchitis Results In Premature Ejaculation? What Should Males Notice?

According to a recent statistics, about 1/3 of males in Asia have problems like premature ejaculation during their life time. Generally speaking, the premature ejaculation in males is one of the illness that embarrass many males when having sexual life, which actually brings unbelievable harm to

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Created topic  › Three Illnesses That Can Invite Menstrual Cramps In Females

At ordinary times, a small menstrual cramp makes females suffer a lot when it comes out of nowhere, and when it becomes frequent or persistent, women will be even more grievous. To better alleviate the amount of pain they suffer from, female friends need to actively avoid and handle the causes of

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Created topic  › Prostatitis Improvement -- How Is A Healthy Diet Made?

As to patients with prostatitis, aside from regular treatment, reasonable and healthy diet should not be give little care to. So what should

«  2021-02-02
Created topic  › Chronic Prostatitis Makes Your Urination Abnormal And Annoying

Chronic prostatitis can result in unusual and annoying urinary behaviors in males, including frequent urination, urgent urination and unlimit

«  2021-02-01
Created topic  › Women With Endometriosis -- Notice Some Items About Food

Generally speaking, endometriosis is a

«  2021-01-30
Created topic  › Be Cautious About Common Manifestations Of Cystitis In People

Each organ of your body features its own unique duty, such as the bladder, which is mainly used to take control of the urinary behaviors. Once it goes wrong, the urination will be affected. In fact, the bladder is relatively fragile. If there are bacteria invading the urinary system, it is very e

«  2021-01-29
Created topic  › Advice From Professionals To Help You Ameliorate Prostatitis At Home

The prostate gland is very essential to men. On condition that you spend less attention to the urogenital health, it will be more prone to inducing prostate problems, in which

«  2021-01-28
Created topic  › What Is Urethritis? How To Improve Urethritis Through Diet?

Urethritis in sufferers can give rise to frequent and urgent urination, and trigger urogenital system infection. While multitudes of people are too shy to consult a doctor as the diseased region is very so personal, resulting in delayed therapy and deteriorated symptoms.

In gene

«  2021-01-27
Created topic  › What principles of antibiotic therapy do sufferers with prostatitis should notice?

The indiscriminate usage and non-regular program of medicines in the therapy of prostati

«  2021-01-26
Created topic  › Notice! How To Dispose Of Erectile Dysfunction And Chronic Prostatitis

The occurrence of prostatitis can influence a man's fitness and result in a variety of issues. Generally speaking, prostatitis does not direc

«  2021-01-25
Created topic  › Dietary Recommendations: Food Options For Female Sufferers With Pelvic Inflammation

The frequency and incidence of pelvic inflammation

«  2021-01-23
Created topic  › Notice These Four Aspects That Can Induce Adenomyosis In Female

Many gynecological illnesses can make an influence on the the female fitness, and the adenomyosis is a typical one. As for the aden

«  2021-01-22
Created topic  › Female Lesson: How To Calculate Safe Contraception Period

Normally, the female ovulation is about fourteen days and nights prior to the up coming menstrual period. On the safe side, five days before ovulation and four days after ovulation as well as the ovulation day are included

«  2021-01-21
Created topic  › What Are The Diagnostic Criteria For The Orchitis In Men?

Acute orchitis occurs in males. Detecting and curing the illness in a timely manner can prevent more unnecessary

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