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Created topic  › Classification and characteristics of blood collection needle mould

Shengjiu Mould introduces several common types of blood collection needle mould.

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Created topic  › Welcome to choose Shengjiu oxygen mask

What are the characteristics of Oxygen Mask?

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Created topic  › Shengjiu has very high requirements for its products

Syringe Mould common problems and solutions:

1. The brea

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Created topic  › The future development prospects of my country's medical mould industry

The casting mold means that in order to obtain the structural shape of the part, the structural shape of the part is made in advance with other easily formed materials, and then the

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Created topic  › How to process the medical mold industry

The processing of small parts in the Medical

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Created topic  › How to process syringe mold cavity

Precautions for processing plastic Syringe Mould

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