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Indomitable spirit, never say die attitude and trust in her purpose are the hallmark of Karuna Sharma, the President of Vikash Deep Foundation a non-profit organisation based in Delhi. She is Co-Founder of Elite Academy for Education and Training Pvt. Ltd. and Obiyan Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

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Created topic  › The significant effects of divorce on individuals

According to the best divorce lawyer in Delhi, half of all marriages end in divorce. Sixty-seven percent of second marriages fail to la

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Created topic  › What Kind of Impact will COVID-19 have on Marital Relationships? Will Divorce Rates Rise?

Couples' relationships will undoubtedly be impacted by Covid-19's personal and financial strains, which may or may not lead to the relationship's disintegration. However, any

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Created topic  › Things you need to know before getting a Property lawyer in India

The best bet to avoid all your concerns about buying/ verifying or selling property can be addressed by a property advocate. Because they have a thorough unders

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Created topic  › Why You Need the Help of a Lawyer Even in a Mutual Consent Divorce?

In India, there are strict laws that parents have to follow when it comes to evaluating child custody and child support. Hence, even if you plan to get a mutual consent divorce, you need the

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