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«  2022-11-09
Created topic  › Medical Vaccine Refrigerator Manufacturers Introduces The Details Of The Use Of Refrigerators

Medical Vaccine Refrigerator Manufacturers introduces the precautions for the use of refrigerators:

1. Vaccines should be classified and stacked according t

«  2022-10-20
Created topic  › Workflow Of Medical Vending Machine

How  the Medical  Vending Machine

«  2022-09-13
Created topic  › Requirements For Using The Medical Vending Machine

I  accidentally saw a lot of Medical

«  2022-07-06
Created topic  › The Scope Of Use Of The Medical Vending Machine

I accidentally saw a lot of Medical Vending Machines in the hospital, and I thought it was quite convenient. Coupled with the popularity of smartphones, many people may have basically no cash on

«  2022-06-19
Created topic  › Hospital Refrigerator Manufacturers Introduces Tips For Distinguishing The Front And Back Of Masks

Hospital  Refrigerator Manufacturers introduces  how to c

«  2022-05-19
Created topic  › Surgical Mask Company Introduces The Management Strategy Of Medical Refrigerator

Surgical  Mask Company introduce  the medical refrigerato

«  2022-04-20
Created topic  › Medical Vending Machine Company Introduces The Use Of Masks

The microfiber material of the disposable mask is "blue on the outside and white on the inside". The blue layer on the outside has a water-repellent function and has a lotus leaf effect; the white layer on the inside is absorbent and is more "friendly" to the skin.

«  2022-01-19
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