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Created topic  › How Come to Prostatitis Cause Urethral Discomfort?

The typical symptoms of prostatitis are recurrent urination, urgency waiting, fragile urination, white-colored urethra, puffiness and pain in the perineum, and less urethral pain. If it is acute prostat

«  2021-09-29
Created topic  › Prostatitis--Why is Prostate Infected? Drinking is a Leading Cause!

Ingesting can be said to be anything several men do. Before consuming, many people will point out that a moderate amount is good, not ingesting excessively. But there is always drunkenness. And if men are often intoxicated, it can be very hazardous. One particular of the greater number of popular

«  2021-09-27
Created topic  › Why There is Milky White-colored Fluid in Urine?——Prostatitis

Urination is an essential aspect of everyday life. The color, scent, and repu

«  2021-09-25
Created topic  › Can You Smoke Once the Prostatitis is Cured?

There is no direct relationship between smoking cigarettes and

«  2021-09-12
Created topic  › 6 Causes for Male Frigidity--Be Cautious About Orchitis and Epididymitis!

1. Erotic body organ ailments:

Erotic internal organs can secrete androgen, which makes men and women have the desire for sex. Right after sexual interest in sex internal organs, androgen secretion reduces, and sexual attraction diminishes. Typical illnesses of

«  2021-09-11
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