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Harrad Auto has spent decades in the business of automotive service, repair, and modification. This fact alone accounts for the level of expertise we possess. We’re a renowned name in Canada, well reputed for our quality of service and quick repairs.

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Need the best Wheel Alignment Solutions? At Harrad Auto Services from our expert technicians, we provide quality Wheel Alignment Services in Brampton to our customer's veh

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Our reputation in the market is based on offering top-quality customer service from the best Auto Mechanic in Brampton.

Our crew of mechanics is well experienced and skillful.

Trust the expertise of Harrad A

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Harrad Auto Services is about Quality and the Best Price! Our team of mechanics is honest and reliable.

We offer Best Auto Mechanic in Brampton capable of doing everything right from oil changes to engine repair e

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Harrad Auto Services team of highly trained technicians are the most trustworthy choice for your Car Repair Services in Brampton.

We promise to deliver excellent repair services to our client's vehicle.


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Do you want the Best Mechanic in Brampton to repair your car? Get your car fixed with Harrad Auto Services skilled mechanics which ensures that your car is in the best condition to run safely.

Contact us

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Don't you deserve the best Auto Repair Services in Brampton? We are the leading Auto Repair company in Brampton and bring the best to you from our team of mechanics.

For more information contact us

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As we are one of the most trusted Auto Repair Shops in Brampton, we are here to get your vehicle in supreme shape with a wide range of repair and maintenance services

Get in touch with us

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Did you Google Best Car Mechanic Brampton? No worries! Harrad Auto Services is a superior choice for Brampton car repair with skilled mechanics. We have a team of experts offering quality services to our clients.

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Did you Google Car Safety Inspection Brampton?

Harrad Auto Services is offering Top Car Inspection Services so that your vehicle is good to go on roads.

When you choose us you get a team of mechanics with ye

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The tires are the lifelines of a vehicle, so they should be in perfect condition for roads.

If you have searched Tire Repair Shop Brampton, then you have found us.

We at Harrad Auto Services off

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Are you looking for a Used Car for Sale in Brampton? Then come Harrad Auto Services to have answers to your questions.

We are one of the leading second hand used car dealers in Brampton offering used car after doi

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Is your car safe on road? If this question comes to your mind then come to Harrad Auto Services, we offer top-notch services on Car Inspection Brampton. We got higher standards of safety inspection. Come in and trust th

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Looking for Auto Mechanic Brampton? Stop right here!

Get a quality Auto Mechanic in Brampton from Harrad Auto Services. 

We have experienced Mechanics that will fix your vehicle issues. 

For more infor

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Complete, accurate, and honest automotive repairs to all models of cars. We thoroughly check  Engine Oil, Brakes, Wheel Alignment, Engine, etc.
With decades of experience, we will make sure to leave you satisfied with our best C

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Bring your vehicle to Brampton's Auto Service Centre for expert repair and maintenance services. We maintain our focus on delivering the exceptional service you depend upon, for Auto Maintenance Services in Brampton. Con

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If you are in need of a reliable and professional Car Mechanic in Brampton look no further than Harrad Auto Services. We got fully experienced and specialized Mechanics that makes us better in the market than others. Fo

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