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Created topic  › The cold retention performance of gel ice packs is very good

There are two types of ice packs generally used. One is a disposable ice pack, which can be discarded after one use; the other is a reusa

«  2021-10-12
Created topic  › Gel ice pack is a novel freezing control

The gel in the ice pack is made of gel powder. The gel powder is a white or off-white fine powder. It is rich in protein and is non-toxic and harmless. Af

«  2021-08-31
Created topic  › Disposable ice packs are easy to carry

Disposable ice packs are very common in our lives. Here is a brief introduction about gel ice packs.

Product introduction:

«  2021-08-24
Created topic  › The function and efficacy of cold compress gel

There are many aspects of clinical applications in daily life. For example, cold compress gel, cold compress gel is relatively common in clinic, can achieve the effect of physical cooling, and the application of cold compress gel is also very common. Of course, the

«  2021-08-03
Created topic  › Gel face mask to relieve muscle swelling

Today we will introduce a reusable gel face mask.

The ultimate pain relief. Immediate recov

«  2021-07-28
Created topic  › Environmental impact of gel ice packs

What chemicals are in the gel ice pack? It is a polymer water-absorbing resin.

One gram of gel can absorb 300-1000

«  2021-07-22
Created topic  › Pet cool gel mat is perfect for family and travel

Original self-cooling pet cool gel mat for dogs-pressure activated pet cool gel mat provides cold sensation to your dogs and cats. If

«  2021-06-30
Created topic  › What makes our gel ice pack better?

Our gel ice pack is suitable for many applications.

You can use Gel King gel ice packs to transport food, medicin

«  2021-06-23
Created topic  › Cool gel mat is a new generation of cooling products

Cool gel mat is a new generation of cooling products. The GEL gel used in cool gel mat itself has much better heat absorption and heat dissipation effects than ordinary

«  2021-06-10
Created topic  › The functional characteristics of the gel pad

Special functions and advantages of gel mat:

1. Imported environmentally friendly materials

«  2021-05-27
Created topic  › What are the characteristics of polymer hydrogels?

Hydrogel is a general term for materials with ecologically intelligent controlled release function. Its application fields cover all major industries, and it is one of the main functional polymer materials for future development in the 21st century. As a representa

«  2021-05-19
Created topic  › FFP masks are mainly divided into three types

Now the Swiss mainly wear ordinary sanitary masks, medical masks or cloth masks. However, these masks have a common feature, that is, their main function is to prevent the virus on their body from infecting others; while

«  2021-05-13
Created topic  › The gel in the ice pack is non-toxic and harmless

The gel in the gel ice pack is made of gel powder. The gel powder is a white or off-white fine powder. It is rich in protein and is non-toxic and harmless

«  2021-05-06
Created topic  › The inner layer of cool gel mat uses polymer gel

In the summer, many people buy some water cushions to cool down, but the water cushions are easy to break on the one hand, and on the other hand, they are generally thicker and are not suitable for cushioning under the body; then, gel ice packs do not have such tro

«  2021-04-15
Created topic  › How to identify a good mask?

Some time ago, due to the shortage of masks, many people bought fake masks. Therefore, there are many ways to distinguish the authentic

«  2021-04-07
Created topic  › The difference between gel face mask and traditional mask

The characteristic of a gel face mask is that compared with traditional masks, the function of this type of product is mainly to rel

«  2021-03-24
Created topic  › What are the characteristics of a cool gel mat?

Cool gel mat is different from the old-fashioned smoothie mat because the phase-change ice crystal saand material in the old-fashioned smoothie mat absorbs heat by phys

«  2021-03-18
Created topic  › What is the difference between different types of masks?

What is the difference between medical masks, nursing masks, surgical masks, and non-surgical masks?

In fact, there are not so many types of masks in hospitals. Generally, there are only disposable medical masks, medical sur

«  2021-03-10
Created topic  › What are the effects of the hot gel pack?

Precautions for the use of hot gel pack:

1. Regardless of the method used, care should

«  2021-03-03
Created topic  › Gel ice packs are really great in summer

Outdoors away from the store, it is difficult for you to drink cold beer at any time; even if you bring your own, the sun will quickly heat up the beer. But with a portable gel ice pack

«  2021-02-25
Created topic  › Gel face mask reduces skin sensitivity

Why are gel face masks more and more popular in the market? Let's take a look at the advantages of gel face masks.

«  2021-02-17
Created topic  › Ice pack is a novel refrigeration control

The gel in the ice pack is made of gel powder. The gel powder is a white or off-white fine powder. It is rich in protein and is non-toxic and harmless. Af

«  2021-02-03
Created topic  › What are the main applications of Gel Bottle Cooler?

Gel bottle cooler is a tool that uses physical changes to cool the liquid in a bottle-shaped container. And the gel bottle cooler has various colors and rich styles

«  2021-01-27
Created topic  › What are the basic uses of gel ice packs?

Gel Ice Pack is a novel freezing medium. It has no water pollution during thawing and thawing. It is

«  2021-01-20
Created topic  › Gel ice packs can keep cold for up to eight hours

What are the characteristics of Reusable Ice Packs

«  2021-01-06
Created topic  › Surgical masks can only be used once

Several criteria should be considered when choosing a mask, such as application, mask type, required protection level, etc.

Application: According to occupation, application field and whether there are infectious diseases, p

«  2020-12-23
Created topic  › Where are gel scarves usually used in life?

Shanghai Gel King Insulation Company is a professional gel ring manufacturer. The company's products include

«  2020-12-17
Created topic  › How to wear disposable protective masks correctly?

How to wear disposable protective mask

«  2020-11-26
Created topic  › What is the purpose of the ice pack?

Ice pack we are no strangers, the main ingredient in the ice bag is ice, and what i

«  2020-11-19
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