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Created topic  › Fire protection principle of steel structure building

Steel structure building has the characteristics of high strength and light weight, improved power and speed, and has been widely used in the construction indus

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Created topic  › Corrugated expansion joints are widely used in life and production

Corrugated expansion joints use the effective expansion and contraction of the bellows of the main body to absorb the dimensional changes caused by thermal expansion and contraction

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Created topic  › PVC hose uses PVC as the main raw material, divided into three layers

Let us introduce the pvc hose:

The PVC hose is made of PVC as the main raw material, divided in

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Created topic  › What are the characteristics of gardening spray guns?

Yuyao Gaozhan Garden toos Co,Ltd., China garden spray gun

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Created topic  › Corrugated metal hoses have good characteristics

Corrugated metal hose is a kind of high

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Created topic  › What You Should Know About Metal Hoses

I believe everyone is familiar with metal hose

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Created topic  › The market has higher requirements for hose

Many companies are striving to increase the output value of their equipment and processes, thus placing higher demands on hoses. In case of high requirements, please ensure that the pressure, temperature and chemical compatibility specifications of the hose are up-

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