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LED Outdoor Landscape Lighting - EXC-LED

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Created topic  › Depending on the LED lights or sign modules you choose

The most versatile and energy-efficient choice for lighting your warehouse is with LED light fixtures. some strings may have fewer LEDs on each module but emit brighter light. They use less energy than any o

«  2020-10-27
Created topic  › LED lighting has come a long way

LED lighting has come a long way in the last few years and is all we do now a days. The lights become less efficient over time because they must use more and more voltage to produce the same lumen output as

«  2020-09-21
Created topic  › The technology in the lighting industry

Instead of putting up capital investment for a LED outdoor landscape lighting upgrade at the beginning of your project, you can turn the investment i

«  2020-09-03
Created topic  › Working in the landscape lighting industry

Working in the landscape lighting industry, we’ve seen how different outdoor lighting design trends have come and gone over the years. A lumen is a measurement of light created by one bulb, lamp or fixture.

«  2020-08-21
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