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Created topic  › Xinshidai outdoor cooler cart can protect ice more effectively

Today we will study why Xinshidai outdoor cooler cart is so popular i

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Created topic  › Cixi Xinshidai Stainless Steel Cooler with Shelf

Stainless steel cooler cart is a relatively common cooler cart, so what are the advantages and features of Cixi Xinshidai's cooler cart to attract consumers? Let's take a look:

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Created topic  › Outdoor Stand Up Drink Cooler Cart for Party

Cixi Xinshidai Electric Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience in producing cooler carts. It is the earlier factory in China to produce

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Created topic  › Take a look at Xinshidai’s new outdoor audio cooler cart

If you let you design the outdoor cooler cart of your dreams, what features would you add to it? Is it a car Bluetooth speaker, a USB charger, or a fully wate

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Created topic  › Correct use of cooler cart

Set the thermostat at the required temperature and pre-cool the car box for 1.5 hours to remove the heat trapped in the car box; turn off the refrigerating unit during loading and quickly load the goods. When loading goods, the carriage must first be pre-cooled or

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Created topic  › Can keep your drinks, food and snacks cold

Pack the smart cooler cart with groceries, food, drinks or whatever you need to keep fresh. Why haul a heavy, bulky cooler, when you can put more in your smart cooler cart

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Created topic  › Cooler cart transportation is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly

In modern cold chain logistics technology, a new type of cold chain logistics mode-cooler cart

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Created topic  › Cooler cart with wheels has good impact resistance

Recently, cooler cart with wheels have been asked a lot by everyone. Today, Cixi Xinshidai will tell you about the product advantages of cooler c

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Created topic  › What are the characteristics of cooler cart?

The cooler cart product is an intelligent new multifunctional thermostat, the temperature is wide between 2-48 degrees, and the required value ca

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Created topic  › Outdoor Cooler Cart on Wheels

Cixi Xinshidai Electric is a cooler cart manufacturer. The products we sell are mainly outdoor cooler carts, including cooler carts with wheels,

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Created topic  › Cooler cart with wheels, flexible handling

What impact does the cooler cart have on the cold chain distribution of medicines? In summary, there are the following effects:

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Created topic  › How about the on-board cooler cart?

On-board cooler carts must be very important for our daily travel, but in terms of practicality, many of our riders are also worried. Is the on-board cooler

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