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Created topic  › Use Of Enameled Copper Wire

Enameled copper wires are often called enameled copper wire because these wires are coated with an insulating layer. Enameled copper wire is widely used in the m

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Created topic  › New Breakthrough In Surface Lubricant For Enameled Copper Wire

Enameled wire is the core material of electrical appliances. It occupies a very an important position in the development of the national economy, and it's market demand is great. With the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, the the production technology level of the motor industry has

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Created topic  › Enameled Rectangular Enameled Copper Wire Manufacturing Process

*Magnetic wire or 

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Created topic  › Enameled Aluminum Wire Has Main Effective

For a long time, brutal market competition has made home appliance  companies strenuously pursuing a good

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The drawing of

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The  mechanical, electrical and chemical characteristics of

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Created topic  › To Know About Round Enameled Wire

The applications of enameled wires are widespread, serving as  components for electromagnetic products, including building generators, motors,  transformers, relays, measuring instruments, control equipm

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We  proudly announce the new array of

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