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Created topic  › Ice Cream Showcase Open Design

The Ice Cream Showcase used in supermarkets is mainly used for beverages and fruits. It is usually open-ended design. It also adopts a shelf structure, which is good for display and can ensure the freshness of fruits for a long time. Ten years of de

«  2019-09-26
Created topic  › China Glue Gun Surface Material

The China glue gun should be vertical to the surface of the substrate or as vertical as possible. If the spray gun is slightly skewed, the result will necessarily cause the spray belt to flow sideways, while the other side will appear thin and lacking p

«  2019-09-25
Created topic  › 100% Polyester Plush Fabric For Garment To Dry

100% Polyester Plush Fabric For Garment In order to maintain the vividness of the color, 2% sour vinegar or vinegar can be added to the water to neutralize the residual soap. After washing, squeeze out the water, put it into the net pocket, hang

«  2019-09-24
Created topic  › Lotion Pump is widely used

In the construction of national defense, Lotion Pump requires pumps for the adjustment of aircraft flaps, rudders and landing gear, the rotation of warships and tank turrets, and the ups and downs of submarines. High pressure and

«  2019-09-23
Created topic  › China Glue Gun Evenly Distributed

China glue gun function principle: under the action of high-speed rotating centrifugal force of the rotating cup, the coating is separated from the rotating cup by the small teeth around the rotating cup. Under the action of centrifugal force and high c

«  2019-09-19
Created topic  › Ice Cream Showcase Considerations

In fact, the Ice Cream Showcase output is not necessarily a machine problem. In most cases, the softness of the ice cream machine is caused by improper operation. Remind the user to self-test with reference to the following points to avoid the proble

«  2019-09-18
Created topic  › Visi Cooler's Market Share

At present, the Visi Cooler market in China is mainly concentrated in the fields of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, shipbuilding, refrigeration and air conditioning, machinery, food, and pharmaceuticals. The petroleum and ch

«  2019-09-12
Created topic  › China Glue Gun Safe And Non-toxic

Using inferior China glue gun, it is easy to produce toxic substances when used, the smell is unpleasant, the transparency is relatively low, and it is harmful to the body. EVA glue is used, the transparency is good, there is no smell when used, and the

«  2019-09-11
Created topic  › China Home Appliance Dry Seal

China Home Appliance

«  2019-09-10
Created topic  › China Glue Gun Usage Size

China glue gun air source (air compressor station or air compressor from the factory through the air pipe). The power of a single pneumatic glue gun is not large. If there is no compressed air source, it can be equipped with a small air compressor (comm

«  2019-09-09
Created topic  › Visi Cooler Loses Little

Visi Cooler is a new type of high efficiency heat exchanger with high heat transfer efficiency, low heat loss and compact structure. The main component is a stack of metal sheets with a certain corrugated shape. Excellent performance due to

«  2019-09-06
Created topic  › Visi Cooler Cleaning Precautions

Before the Ice Cream Showcase is cleaned, all the materials in the ice cream machine should be drained. If there is any material left, it needs to be powered off for 30 minutes, and then the ice cream is melted before cleaning. When cleaning, turn o

«  2019-09-03
Created topic  › Visi Cooler Is Easy To Transport

Features of Ice Cream Showcase:
The appearance is beautiful, the structure is firm, the assembly is free, the disassembly and assembly is fast, and the transportation is convenient. And the boutique display stand is beautiful, noble and elegant,

«  2019-08-30
Created topic  › Ice Cream Showcase Stimulates Buying Desire

Ice Cream Showcase not only guarantees the quality of retail products, but also displays products in all directions, which facilitates customers to select products, beautifies the shopping environment of the store, improves the grade of the store, s

«  2019-08-28
Created topic  › Beverage Cooler keeps working temperature

The Beverage Cooler  cold medium enters the cooler tube from the one inlet to the other, and then flows from the return cover to the cooler tube on the other side. The cold medium absorbs the waste heat from the heat medium during the d

«  2019-08-26
Created topic  › Ice Cream Showcase Styles And Types

Ice Cream Showcase uses the patented heat treatment gas reflow defrost technology to m

«  2019-08-15
Created topic  › Ice Cream Showcase Precise Control

The Ice Cream Showcase not only has precise cooling temperature control, but also has dual control of defrosting temperature and defrosting time to ensure the display and preservation of the contents of the cabinet. The imported compressor is passed

«  2019-08-13
Created topic  › Ice Cream Showcase Represents Social Progress

The Ice Cream Showcase is a product of a certain level of social productivity and scientific and technological development. In essence, it embodies the evolution of history and the progress of human society. Therefore, the production of display cabi

«  2019-08-10
Created topic  › China Home Appliance Industrialization Development

In the face of these problems, 

«  2019-08-08
Created topic  › Unique Features Of Ice Cream Showcase

Ice Cream Showcase unique ice water dispenser features. It is installed outside the refrigerator, and it can be used to obtain fresh and cold drinking water without opening the freezer door. It is not conducive to cold air circulation, and it is eas

«  2019-08-06
Created topic  › China Beverage Cooler Combined With Computer Technology

At present, China Beverage Cooler on the market is basically an automatic brewing type beverage machine. According to the performance of the beverage machine, some can only make cold drinks, some can be cold and hot, and some beverage machin

«  2019-07-25
Created topic  › Ice Cream Showcase Guarantees The Taste Of Food

Investing in the safety and display of food, ice cream display will bring huge advantages to your business. The taste of the ice cream is guaranteed by rapidly reducing the temperature of the food. Rapid cooling minimizes loss of taste compared to conventional cooling processes. In addition, r

«  2019-07-24
Created topic  › Household Appliance Usage Classification

The usage of the Household Appliance is divided into two types. The first is the danger that can occur when we use it. The second type is some of the dangers that can occur when the appliance is not in use. Therefore, we must learn to use electrical

«  2019-07-22
Created topic  › Ice Cream Showcase's Functional Technology Is Improving

As the needs of human society continue to increase, the functionality of Ice Cream Showcase is constantly improving. Ice cream display cabinets are mainly divided into built-in display cabinets and external display cabinets. The common one is the bui

«  2019-07-19
Created topic  › Cleaning And Maintenance Of Ice Cream Showcase

Clean the Ice Cream Showcase exterior and inner box:
(1) Dry with a soft cloth, or wipe with a dampening detergent and then wipe with a damp cloth. Do not rinse the ice cream display cabinet with water.
(2) In order to keep the ice cream disp

«  2019-07-17
Created topic  › Humane Emotions Of the Household Appliance

Our daily life is inseparable from the Home Appliance, so the design trend of household appliances is very important for designers, manufacturers and users. As the functions of home appliances have become more and more perfect, the emotional needs o

«  2019-07-16
Created topic  › Commercial Appliance Is An Important Asset

Enterprise equipment is one of the most important assets of an enterprise. It is the most critical factor in the production process and the improvement of product quality. It requires the company to have a good level of equipment management. With the further integration of global information t

«  2019-07-12
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