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Created topic  › Buy biodegradable box to reduce environment waste

How does a biodegradable box compare to one made of plastic? Do they compromise the protection of the contents of the package? How do they work? First, they do not harm the conservation side. They are as effective as many plastic boxes used to transport items. The difference is that they degrade

«  11 hours ago
Created topic  › Large pizza box has a special customized idea

A large pizza box can satisfy everyone's hunger. As a matter of fact, pizza is the primary quality food eaten by young people around the world. Every day, we find different companies trying to bring new products to market. They are trying to create something very different from the packaging and

«  11 hours ago
Created topic  › Custom coffee cup sleeves deliver effective information

pla paper cups factory

brown paper cup

«  11 hours ago
Created topic  › Disposable hot coffee cups save your time and money

Disposable hot coffee cups are bought and used by two main types of businesses: restaurants and offices. For fast food restaurants, they have no choice but to use disposable cups. Obviously, with take-out and home delivery, you can't expect customers to return their coffee cups when t

«  11 hours ago
Created topic  › The Benefits of 16oz coffee cups for your coffee shop

all hot coffee cups, restaurants and coffee shops opted for paper cup sleeves to protect customers' fingers from scalding. However, not only does this make customers uncomfortable, it costs companies more money. After all, it's much cheaper to use a double wall of hot coffee cups to provide insul

«  12 hours ago
Created topic  › How to print on your paper bags

Everyone likes beautiful accessories.

«  2023-03-28
Created topic  › Purchase with disposable catering suppliers

Disposable catering products are widely used in food industry, especially fast food industry. They are very useful for the storage and transportation of convenience foods. Most products are used by fast food chains, single-use items that are then thrown away.

«  2023-03-28
Created topic  › How long does compostable packaging to decompose

Food scraps and compostable packaging are decomposed according to different time frames. 

«  2023-03-28
Created topic  › Ways make your coffee pacvking eco-friendly

We all like coffee. More than 1.4 billion cups are consumed every day. That is a lot of coffee, and there is a lot of waste.

«  2023-03-28
Created topic  › The meaning of customized paper cup for enterprises

First of all, paper cup customization is a kind of demand,cup tray wholesale which can become the power of advertising. With this publicity mode, customers in demand will inadvertently find you and increase the popularity of the enter

«  2023-03-14
Created topic  › Is kraft paper bag biodegradable

You've seen brown paper shopping bags. Nowadays, the products packed with kraft paper are more and more favored by consumers.wholesale salad kraft paper bowl Has become the first choice of more and more enterprises. Kraft paper

«  2023-03-14
Created topic  › What must know before buying paper container

Containers come in all shapes and sizes. You may also need something made of a material, such as paper.paper straw wholesale Paper is a cheap and natural material that is ideal for storing certain items, such as food, drinks and ev

«  2022-11-13
Created topic  › Tips for designing ice cream cup

Aiming to design the perfect ice cream cup?popcorn cups bulk  From attracting attention to helpin

«  2022-11-13
Created topic  › Tips for recycling takeaway containers

Recycling take-out containers isn't always easy. How do you know what to recycle and what to put in the trash? What if I have food stains in my container? We'll give you a few tips on recycling takeout containers. Read on to learn more! Sorting your plastic

Not every type o

«  2022-10-25
Created topic  › The development of Paper bags

When it comes to paper bags, we are not strange to them.salad paper bowl wholesale After all,

«  2022-10-25
Created topic  › Pros and cons of disposable cups

As intensive production concept penetration in the food area, bamboo pulp cup wholesale the d

«  2022-10-20
Created topic  › Some field of degradable plastics packaging

Recycled plastics refer to plastic raw materials obtained after processing waste plastics through physical or chemical methods such as pretreatment, melt granulation, and modification.

«  2022-09-20
Created topic  › Kraft paper bag used in the industries

The kraft paper box and kraft paper bag are widely used in retail bags in various industries.wholesale sugarcane tray First of all, the color of kraft paper looks more natural and environmentally friendly

«  2022-09-08
Created topic  › Use disposable cups for the business

Advertising cup refers to the design of the advertising LOGO or text on the cup, sent to your customers, members, friends, so as to reach the spread, promotion and

«  2022-06-28
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