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Created topic  › Enough Animal Crossing Items to decorate the house

This year is the second year of the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which means that players will be able to participate in special festivals like Bunny Day and Nature Day for the second time, as well as some special events. In order to celebrate the environment and raise people’s

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Created topic  › Players with more WOW Classic Gold can get special items

Blizzard makes the development of World of Warcraft will have a history of 17 years. Over the past period of time, players have accumulated some rare and highly sought-after items. Some are weapons with very low drop rates, and some are special items for large-scale events a few years ago. A

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Created topic  › Players who own Animal Crossing Bells can better experience the game

At the end of this month, the 2.0 version of Animal Crossing New Horizons will bring an update. Animal Crossing New Horizons brought huge changes and improvements to players in its April update last year. Therefore, players hope that the 2.0 version that will be released this year can bring

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Created topic  › More WOW Classic Gold is needed to get rewards

World of Warcraft players learned about this year’s special charity pet program from the detailed information that Blizzard disclosed on BlizzConline 2021 two months ago. A few days after the donation started, on March 21, the community unlocked the previously discontinued TCG battle pet ban

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