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Bookmess Top Page - Paid Service!
Top Page service also known as 1st page of Bookmess.com is now offering paid service, for $0.40 cents per single post. For Bulk poster e.g marketers, $0.10/post of 10 per day. Users can now pay to get their post on the 1st page where there are more traffic activities. Our payment method is PayPal. We are open to discussing acceptable payments from different countries including acceptance of crypto like Bitcoin, DodgeCoin, TRX.
Users can take advantage of the low price of dodgecoin for our service at 1 Dodgecoin per post
Dodge: DSUodytNXCNS33QpNLNw36b4ckz1Uxgbp9
For questions contact us: [email protected]

Send us an email with subject 'Top Page' After dodgcoin payment.
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