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Protecting your latest technology camera! Is that Important?
Of course it is, camera don’t come at cheap prices and it gives you so much memories of places where ever you go with your friends and family.

But if your camera lens get scratches the camera would not be able to click good pictures, so here the idea of buying a premium quality camera lens protectors, and using it care free without thinking of any scratches.

Ripclear provides camera lens protectors at the best price and with crystal vision.

Your Ripclear Package Includes:

  • 2 Ripclear Lens Protectors

  • 2 Packaged Wet Lens Wipes

  • 1 High Quality Microfiber Cloth

  • 4 Dust Removal Stickers For Easy Application

  • 2 Dust Removal Sheet For Dust Removal

  • Clear Application Instructions

  • A Ripclear Sticker

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