Waterproofing for Podium Slabs

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The typical character of podium slab demand for specially designed waterproofing system. The slabs are vast in area and are hence prone to cracking due to thermal stresses, shrinkage and vibrations . Any conventional waterproofing system built over these slab does not work for long since the cracks in the substrate induce cracks also in waterproofing system. Hence there is need for a waterproofing system that is floating . Contact us for comprehensive information on this.In this service, we clean and scrub the RCC slab with wire brush and water wash to get rid of loose debris from the surface including exposing of cracks, gaps, pits, holes etc (if any) after then, we adopt following process;

Providing and doing waterproofing treatment by non-shrink expanding cementitious pressure grouting along the construction joints with required dia

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