Different fabrics have different functions

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There are all kinds of mattress fabrics on the market, and each fabric has different functions. Let's briefly list some of the things that everyone has heard more.

Pure cotton fabric and knitted fabric have the functions of absorbing sweat, ventilating and caring skin.

The constant temperature fabric can absorb and release heat according to the ambient temperature, and the temperature is constant at 32 degrees, thus enjoying warm winter and cool summer in sleep.

Bamboo charcoal fiber fabric: has strong adsorption and decomposition capability and infrared ray releasing function.

Probiotic fabric: antibacterial and acaricidal.

Silver ion fabric: has antibacterial, deodorant, anti-radiation, antistatic, body temperature regulating, warm in winter and cool in summer, light, light, comfortable, soft and breathable, with better comfort.

3D fabric: mesh structure, with excellent air permeability and heat permeability, is not easy to be affected with damp to breed bacteria and mildew.

Negative ion fabric: it can release negative ions, purify air, promote metabolism and eliminate fatigue.

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