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Medical Vending Machine Manufacturers Introduces The Details Of The Use Of Medical Refrigerators

By jingeaoningbo at 2022-11-09 • 0 collector • 145 pageviews

Medical  Vending Machine Manufacturers introduce  the strategies for using medical refrigerators:

1.  For medicines that need to be refrigerated, the bed number, name, date, and time  information should be indicated on the medicine, and then stored;

2.  Valuable medicines need to be registered and then saved. The contents of  registration include bed number, name, date, time, drug name, specification,  dose, quantity, etc., so as to avoid errors when taking them out;

3.  For drugs that do not require refrigeration during storage, but require  refrigeration after opening, the date, time, and usage of the bottle should be  marked on the packaging;

4.  The medical refrigerator needs to be cleaned, disinfected, defrosted, and  checked regularly by special personnel, and the items in the medical  refrigerator must be signed and recorded to ensure the cleanliness of the  refrigerator;

5.  The medicines stored in the refrigerator are classified into different  categories, and separate storage boxes or baskets can be provided for different  medicines to distinguish them;

6.  Drugs or reagent products stored in the refrigerator need to be marked with an  expiration date, and then checked regularly. Pay attention not to accumulate too  many drugs in the refrigerator, which is not only not conducive to the  circulation of drugs, but also may cause temperature errors due to excessive  drugs;

7.  Food and personal belongings are not allowed to be stored in the refrigerator  and must be strictly guarded.

Through  the above introduction, Protective  Mask (FFP2 NR) Manufacturers hopes  that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future  use.

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