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Will Apple brick these iPhone to kill the third party repair?

By taoyuanparts at 2022-11-08 • 0 collector • 106 pageviews

Rumors that Chinese-made iPhone LCDs won't survive the upcoming iOS update have caused panic in repair shops. Many repair shops that want to use/have used these screens to compete with authorized repairs are wondering, will Apple brick these iPhones to kill third-party repairs? We don't think so for the following reasons:

Reason 1. Apple doesn't need to influence so many iPhone users

Do you remember users suing Apple for bricking iPhones over "Error 53"? It's pretty much the same situation, only a handful of people have had a third-party repair shop replace their home button. How many iPhone LCDs made in China have been sold? We don't have exact numbers. However, as far as we know, this number should at least exceed 1 million pieces. Will Apple brick millions of iPhones to kill third-party repairs?

Reason 2. Learning from "History"

The previous rumors about the 4/4S screen are the same. The 4/4s OEM LCD screen has been dead for a long time, and the supplied screens are all domestic replicas of 2 years ago. When updating to a new iOS system, there were no instances of the phone becoming bricked/unusable.

Why does this rumor appear?

The most likely reason for this rumor - just to lower the price of China's copy of the iPhone LCD, more likely - is the demand for it.

A week before Apple's March 2016 event, with rumors that "China-made iPhone LCDs won't survive the upcoming iOS 9.3 update", the prices of these LCDs have dropped significantly and everyone is waiting to see the results. Within a week, the price dropped by around $10/piece. Prices went up again after it was discovered that they did survive, with rumors that "Chinese-made iPhone LCDs won't survive the iOS 10 update".

Who will benefit from this rumor?

1. Refurbishment facility/company

Since June last year, more and more repair shops have accepted iPhone LCDs made in China, as fewer OEM screens are being supplied. Much of the demand for OEM iPhone screens has shifted to screens made in China. The "China-made iPhone LCD won't survive the latest iOS update" rumor is sure to bring some demand to those crappy OEM screens that have been around for a long time/refurbished.

2. Reclamation company

These guys are more sensitive to the needs and price of OEM screens. Keeping demand high means they can earn more cash.

3. The person holding 6 OEM screens

The rumor is that "all Chinese-made iPhone LCDs won't survive the iOS 10 update", not just for the 5 series. As we all know, there are already 6 screens made in China on the market. People stockpiling OEM 6 screens in large numbers will be happy to see that people are still paying premium prices for OEM 6 screens for quite some time.

The mobile phone accessories supply chain is complex, unclear, and without any standards, and it looks more like a gamble. Finding a reliable long-term partner who can grow with you is the key to the success of your repair shop. If you have any questions about LCD monitors made in China, please leave a message below!

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