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Samsung Galaxy S22 / Ultra US version starts full push of Android 13 / One UI 5.0 update

By taoyuanparts at 2022-11-08 • 0 collector • 164 pageviews

Samsung released the official Android 13 / One UI 5.0 update for the Galaxy S22 series. However, the update was limited to Asian and European countries. A few days later, the stable update also started covering the carrier-unlocked Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 + and Galaxy S22 Ultra in the U.S. Now, even the unlocked version of the smartphone in the U.S. region is getting the update.


The carrier-unlocked Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 +, and Galaxy S22 Ultra received the Android 13 update with firmware version S90xU1UEU2BVJA. The update brings One UI 5.0, which adds a revolutionary UI design to smartphones. The new software also brings improved widgets, stacked widgets, better privacy, improved security, and faster performance. However, the October 2022 security patch is still in use.


Users of unlocked Samsung Galaxy S22 series smartphones in the U.S. can now download and install the stable One UI 5.0 update on their devices by navigating to Settings "Software Updates and clicking Download and Install.


What's new in the Android 13 (One UI 5.0) update for the Samsung Galaxy S22?


Samsung's One UI 5.0 update for the Galaxy S22 series brings a revolutionary UI design with an expanded color palette feature inspired by the Google Material You design language. The update also brings stacked widgets, a tweaked design for the notification area, and larger icons and multitasking gestures. It also brings a "Connected Devices" section that shows all the settings related to accessories and connected devices.

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