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Chanel pet bowl Clothes hoodie for Cats dog

By pestpet at 2022-10-23 • 0 collector • 140 pageviews

Nothing says luxury more than this Chanel inspired Hoodie  clothes which looks great on both cats and dogs!

We focus on pet fashion and pet street wear and other chanel dog cat clothes, please visit “pestpet” Store for more new arrivals.

chanel Pet Clothes Fleece Sweater Shirts Wholesale Processing New Apparel classic dog hoodies

chanel Pet Clothes Fleece Sweater Shirts Wholesale

Chanel Designer Clothes for Cats dog Black White spring autumn clothes Dog Hoodie Puppy T-Shirts Cat Tee Breathable Strechy

The small dog cat pet chanel hoodie can be machine washable for easy care. Give them these dog sweatshirt as amazing pet gifts, and they will be very happy. If any problems, pls contact us for free.
Please measure your furry friend. Priority follow the Chest Size, If between two sizes, size UP.

Luxury chanel cat dog bowl white black pink cc stainless steel dog pet bowl Double Dog pet Bowl Pet Feeding Station Water and Food Bowls

Luxury chanel cat dog bowl white black pink

Handle&Stable Design: Our chanel double dog bowl cat food dishes has a handle hole at the bottom, which makes the bowl very easy to pick up. The bottom of the custom chanel cat dog food bowl is designed with non-slip rubber rings to reduce clutter and protect your floor.

Safety: The custom name dog bowls main material isanti-corrosion stainless steel . It is suitable for holding all kinds of dry and wet food, and It’s smooth and easy to clean.

Application Widely: The custom dog cat food bowl suitable for your pet dogs, cats, puppies and kittens to use, perfect for holding dry kibble, wet food, treats, or water.



bowl depth:4cm/1.57inch

Your dog will be living the Pupreme lifestyle eating out of these fancy chanel white black pink  dog bowls.Free shipping and Woldwide Fast shipping.

We have other dog supplies, welcome to shop us .






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