What are the characteristics of spring mattress?

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With the continuous progress of science and technology and production technology, the types of modern mattresses gradually tend to be diversified, mainly including spring mattresses, palm mattresses, latex mattresses, air mattresses, magnetic mattresses, etc. Among these mattresses, spring mattresses account for a large proportion and are also the first choice for purchasing mattresses.

Let's talk briefly about the advantages and disadvantages of spring mattress.

Spring mattress is the most commonly used and cost-effective mattress in modern times. The mattress core consists of springs, and the general mattress is sequentially divided into five layers from inside to outside: springs, felt pads, palm pads, foam layers and bed surface textile fabrics. Spring soft mattress has the characteristics of keeping warm in winter, dissipating heat in summer, being easy to clean and being the most environmentally friendly.

Advantages: The technology of spring soft mattress is quite mature. It has good air permeability and impact resistance, and its soft hardness and supporting strength to human body are reasonable, with the highest cost performance. Relatively speaking, the early interlocking springs can equalize the strength, thus increasing the service life of the mattress. The independent spring in the later period fully reflects the ergonomics, one cannot sleep, nor does it affect the sleeper's sleep.

Disadvantages: Spring beds with interlocking springs may cause cervical and lumbar muscles to be under tension, resulting in neck and shoulder stiffness and waist soreness. In order to fix the interlayer of the internal cushion material, the mattress with independent spring arrangement needs a large amount of strong glue, and the interlayer material with up to three layers in the middle is also the place to hide dirt and accept dirt.

Suitable for people: mass consumers.

I believe after reading the above, you have a better understanding of spring mattress. If you plan to buy an excellent mattress, please contact us: knitted fabric factory.

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