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The market has higher requirements for hose

By gaozhan at 2020-03-11 • 0 collector • 513 pageviews

Many companies are striving to increase the output value of their equipment and processes, thus placing higher demands on hoses. In case of high requirements, please ensure that the pressure, temperature and chemical compatibility specifications of the hose are up-to-date and regularly checked.

When specifying hoses, consider several aspects to ensure that the hose type correctly matches its intended application. Careful weighing of these aspects of hose will determine the total cost of ownership, thus providing a higher life cycle value than the initial purchase price.

1. Reinforcement layer-This part of the hose is usually made of stainless steel or fiber woven layer to improve the bearing capacity and flexibility. When checking the reinforcement layer, consider the bending radius and "bending force" of the hose. Thicker or more layers will increase the pressure rating of the hose, but they are most likely to lead to stiffer and less flexible hoses, thus performing poorly in dynamic applications.

2. Outer layer–used to protect inner layer, personnel and surrounding equipment. Make sure the outer layer can withstand the conditions in your factory, because this layer is the first line of defense for hoses.

3. Termination–Hose performance depends to a large extent on the manufacturer's ability to connect appropriate terminations for testing. Although you may have chosen the appropriate hose and termination, leakage may still occur if the assembly process is not followed. Find a hose supplier with a certified assembler and guarantee that the cover leaks from the termination.

Gaozhan is a professional manufacturer and supplier of garden hose and accessories. For details, please consult: New design expandable hose.

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