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Quarry Segment small knowledge

By wanlong at 13 Days Ago
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Quarry Segment is mainly suitable for the mining and cutting of sandstone mines, granite mines, etc., and is the main body of diamond saw blade mining.

Components of Quarry Segment: Quarry Segment is composed of diamond and matrix bond. Diamond is a superhard material that acts as a cutting edge. The matrix bond plays the role of fixing diamond. It consists of metal elemental powder or metal alloy. Powder composition, different composition is called formula, Quarry Segment manufacturers adjust the formula according to different stone cutting.

Raw material for making Quarry Segment: Diamond is the most important raw material for making Quarry Segment, and its crystal shape will affect its crushing characteristics. The complete hexahedral crystal shape and smooth crystal face make diamond have good toughness, so it is difficult to fasten and hold it in the tire. The matching of diamond particle size and concentration will be determined by the number of cutting points affecting the Quarry Segment working surface per unit area.

Quarry Segment is mainly used for the mining of sandstone mines, granite mines and other blocks, and has the characteristics of high cutting efficiency, power saving and long service life.

Wanlong is an enterprise focusing on the product development, production, sales and service of diamond tools. The company has long been committed to the research of diamond tools, and has accumulated a solid technical foundation. It mainly produces diamond segments, diamond saw blades, and granite saws. Chips, marble saw blades, coring bits, diamond wire saws and other products.

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