What are the characteristics of air tools?

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Air tools have the following characteristics compared with air tools.

1. Working ability

(1) The power/weight ratio is large. Under the same output power, the air tool is small in size and light in weight, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.

(2) Speed, reciprocating frequency adjustment, and output power adjustment are simple and wide, and can be easily performed by operating the air supply valve handle and adjusting the regulating valve.

(3) There is no overload and motor overheating. air tools are powered by compressed air and are driven by intake and exhaust. Most of the heat generated by friction can be taken away during the process of intake and exhaust. In addition, even if it is overloaded, the tool will only stop rotating, and once the overload condition is removed, the tool will return to normal.

(4) In terms of reciprocating motion, air tools use piston motion, while power tools are converted by cams. In contrast, air tools have advantages.

2. Environmental adaptability

(1) Strong water resistance. Although water immersion is harmful to air tools, it is not as fatal as power tools.

(2) If the pipeline leaks or breaks during use, it will cause little damage to the environment and the human body and is easy to repair.

3. Economics

(1) air tools Although the initial pipeline and air pressure system were relatively large in the early stage of construction, the conversion rate and efficiency of energy are higher than that of power tools, and the consumption of energy for long-term use is lower than that of power tools.

(2) The wearing parts of air tools are smaller and smaller than electric tools, and the long service life can be achieved by adding lubricating oil, which reduces the total maintenance cost.

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