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music schools in dubai

By solidrockdubai at 16 Days Ago • 0 collector • 21 pageviews

solid rock dubai Solid Rock Music & Dance Zone, a top dance and music academy in Al Barsha, Dubai, is a paradigm of thinking that incorporates systematic music and dance study as part of the regular curriculum rather than as an extracurricular activity. KHDA has accepted us and we are linked with Trinity College London.

We place a strong emphasis on goal-oriented music classes Dubai to establish academic skills and, eventually, specialise in the beauty of music and dance. Our mission is to restore the authenticity of art forms through our dance classes Dubai while also producing performers who are worthy of respect.

Our instructors are licenced experts with extensive expertise in guitar, violin, drums, vocal, electric guitar, electronic keyboard, cello, saxophone and piano. They have earned recognised music education degrees and have taught both youngsters and adults.

Our piano teachers will teach you the basics of sight-reading, technique, theory, and ear training, as well as include your favourite songs in your sessions.

We provide music, dance, and yoga sessions to people of all ages, with separate classes for adults and children. Fitness dancing, Bollywood dance, belly dance, Indian classical dance, freestyle dance, and hip-hop dance lessons are given for both children and adults.

Weblink  -  https://solidrockdubai.com/music-classes

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