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Ranking the Raiders best coaching candidates to replace Jon

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For all the criticisms lobbed at Jim Harbaugh during his tenure at Michigan, his should not be one of them.

The Wolverines have produced 21 players selected in the draft since 2016, and there are more on the way. Sporting News' Vinnie Iyer projects eight Michigan players will be selected in the 2020 NFL Draft in his .

That said, there is not a first-round pick. That's one of the differences between the Wolverines and rival Ohio State.

Here are the Michigan players Iyer projects will be selected J.P. Crawford Jersey  in the 2020 NFL Draft, and where they will land:


NFL mock draft 2020: Michigan's projected picks The referenced media source is mi sing and needs to be re-embedded.Cesar Ruiz, G/C

Projected: Round 2, Pick No. 33 (Bengals)

Austin Adams Jersey Ruiz (6-3, 307) was a valuable piece of Michigan's interior, and the former center out of IMG Academy started in every game the last two seasons. He is among the top centers in the 2020 NFL Draft, and would give Joe Burrow a battery mate if the Bengals go this route.

Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR

Projected: Round 4, Pick No. 110 (Giants)

Peoples-Jones was a five-star recruit whose career never really took off with the Wolverines. He had 103 catches for 1,327 yards with 14 touchdowns and showed explosivene s in the return game. Peoples-Jones also tested well in the NFL Combine  with the highlight coming on a 44.5-inch vertical. He is a boom-or-bust pick, and must tap into that potential.

Josh Uche, EDGE

Projected: Round 4, Pick No. 124 (Steelers)

Uche was a pa s-rushing specialist in the mold of Reggie McClain Jersey  Frank Clark; if the edge-rusher can improve against the run, He could be a Pro Bowl-caliber player in the right scheme. Uche combined for 14.5 sacks in 2018 and '19 for the Wolverines. Pittsburgh's 3-4 would be that kind of fit. He's not LaMarr Woodley, but the tools are there for a succe sful career.


Lavert Hill, CB

Projected: Round 5, Pick No. 162 (Redskins)

Hill was a physical cornerback in Don Brown's system at Michigan, compiling three interceptions and nine pa s breakups in 2019. He is decent in pre s coverage and should be able to work in as a nickel back with the right fit.

Josh Metellus, S

Projected: Round 5, Pick No. 165 (Jaguars)

Metellus had a career Jake Fraley Jersey -high 74 tackles at Michigan last season, part of a career in which he was nabbed five interceptions. He was also credited with nine pa ses defensed over the last two years as a featured starter. He's a hard-hitting safety who's solid against the run, but will have to be better against the deep ball at the next level.

Sean McKeon, TE

Projected: Round 6, Pick No. 205 (Vikings)

Harbaugh is adept at developing tight ends, and McKeon is a lengthy 6-5, 242-pound target who was part of Michigan's rotation at the position. McKeon averaged 18.1 yards per catch as a senior,  Dan Vogelbach Jersey but that came on just 13 catches with two touchdowns. He will be a second- or third-tight end with some special teams appeal for the Vikings.

Ben Bredeson, G

Projected: Round 6, Pick No. 213 (Patriots)

The Wolverines' most consistent lineman the last two seasons had 46  Zac Grotz Jersey starts during that period, earning All-Big Ten and two-time captain status. There's middle-round appeal here, and he should be able to be a solid guard at the next level. New England is a potential fit.

Jon Runyan, OT

Projected: Round 7, Pick No. 237 (Titans)

Runyan  whose father played in the NFL for 14 seasons  developed into a book-end starter for the Wolverines. He mi sed two games last season but returned to play in 11 games. Runyan will have to earn a spot on a NFL roster in training camp.

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