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Ranking the Raiders best coaching candidates to replace Jon

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Ezekiel Elliott flew into Dallas on Tuesdayas he and the Cowboys inched closer to anextension.

The airport was flooded with reporters and other media members hoping to catch a glimpse ofthe running back as he Shaun Alexander Jersey  prepared to sign the biggest running back contract in NFL history.

Another Dallas legend was flying into the airport at the same time asrecently retired DirkNowitzki was returning from a trip to China. Tyler Lockett Jersey  When he saw the media frenzy,the former Mavericks star couldn't help but share a great quip.

Came home from China to all these cameras at the airport. I thought to myself:  Man. I still got it!! Turns C. J. Prosise Jersey  out they were all there for zeke....

Dirk Nowitzki (@swish41)

"Came home from China to all these cameras at the airport. I thought to myself: 'Man. I still got it!!'Turns out they were all there for (sic) K.J. Wright Jersey  zeke...." Nowitzki tweeted.

At least he's got a sense of humor about it.

Elliott, who did sign a ma sive six-year, $90 million extensionearly Wednesday, lovedNowitzki's reaction.

Ezekiel Elliott (@EzekielElliott)

Former Mavericks teammate Jason Terry offered a  Ethan Pocic Jersey different insight as to why the media was subdued towardNowitzki.

They Thought u was coming outta retirement big fella

Jason "The Jet" Terry (@jasonterry31)

To make the scene even better,Nowitzki was wearing a Cowboys George Fant Jersey  hat when he landed in Dallas.

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