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Ranking the Raiders best coaching candidates to replace Jon

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The 49ers opened their "Monday Night Football" matchup with the Browns scoring 14 unanswered points, but perhaps the most meaningful highlight happened  James Daniels Jersey prior to kickoff.

During pre-game festivities, San Francisco defensive tackle D.J. Jones proposed to his girlfriend.

He was surrounded by friends, teammates and family on the Danny Trevathan Jersey  sideline about an hour and a half before the game started at Levi's Stadium.Jones had to first distract his now-fiance,Kayla Fannin Riley Ridley Jersey ,so he pointed to the scoreboard acro s the field and then popped the question.

Spoiler Eddie Goldman Jersey : Fannin said "Yes."

Among those cheeringwas teammateMarquise Goodwin, who alsocelebratedthe proposal.

Congrats fam

San Francisco 49ers (@49ers)

Jones was asixth-round pick in the 2017 draft out of Mi si Cody Whitehair Jersey  sippi.

He has started in all three games for the 49ers this season after getting the starting nod in just four of 10 games last year. Jones has four tackles through his first three games.

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