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So far, weather hasn't a huge impact on any game, at least not the entire duration of a game. As such, we haven't seen any panic start 'em, sit 'em decisions from fantasy football owners because of Joe Mixon Jersey  ominous weather forecasts. Is Week 3 finally the week where wind or rain wil cause problems? Maybe (but probably not). With thehelp of , we have the weather updates you need to know before finalizing your fantasy lineups.

Before we get into the Week 3forecasts, here's a reminder that if you have any questions about sports weather or how weather could impact play (and, potentially, your fantasy, DFS, and gambling decisions), don't hesitate to reach out to RotoGrinders' meteorologist Kevin Roth onTwitter () or check out theon  Adam Jones Jersey RotoGrinders. To take your game to the next level, subscribe to RotoGrinders' exclusiveand see how different weather conditions have impacted historical scoring.


NFL Week 3 weather updates

Forecasts courtesy for .

Bears @ Browns. Winds will sit in the 10-15-mph range for most of the game. As Russell Bodine Jersey  long as it doesn't get too gusty, the wind shouldn't cause any i sues, so start all your normal fantasy guys here.


Washington @ Bills.Gusts of up to 30 mph with winds consistently around 15-20 mph are in order for this one. Obviously, 30-mph winds could affect throws and kicks, but without knowing how consistent those big gusts will be, we can't recommend sitting Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs, Terry McLaurin, or Logan Thomas. Both Tyler Ba s and Giovani Bernard Jersey  Dustin Hopkins become riskier, though, so start them at your own risk.

WEEK 3 PPR RANKINGS: | | | | |

Chargers @ Chiefs.Winds will be around 10-15 mph with some stronger gusts later in the game. That's not enough reason to consider sitting any key guysin the Chiefs pa sing game or Justin Herbert, Keenan Josh Shaw Jersey  Allen, and Mike Williams.


Packers @ 49ers.Another game with winds in the 15-20 Cincinnati Bengals Jersey -mph range. While that's not ideal for kickers, it's not enough reason to sit any key players you were already planning to start.


All of this is subject to change as we get closer to kickoff. You can follow meteorologist Kevin Roth on Twitter () and check out the on RotoGrinders. For the best weather-related fantasy advice, take a look at .

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