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Ranking the Raiders best coaching candidates to replace Jon

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Is Minshew Mania dying a slow, painful death?

Gardner Minshew's combination of facial hair and, um, on-head hair have been one of the NFL's more fun things to Cooper Kupp T Shirts  see on the gridiron since he took the league by storm. Now, Minshew is almost unrecognizable.


In a video shared on Instagram, Minshew seems to have lopped off the mullet, opting Los Angeles Rams Accessories  instead for something a bit more cropped and befitting of a boring NFL quarterback. His trademark mustache has also, once again, transformed into a full beard.

Gardner Minshew's mullet is gone

Sporting News (@sportingnews)

Gardner Minshews mullet is gone, but what a run it had. Well always remember its beauty.(Via @ Aaron Donald Jerseys youre_like_really_pretty on Instagram)

Field Yates (@FieldYates)

Gardner Minshew has cut off his mullet New era in Jacksonville.(via youre_like_really_ Max Pircher Jerseys pretty_/IG)

B/R Gridiron (@brgridiron)

While Minshew hasn't be shy to make changes to his salad in years past   so this is just the latest evolution in Minshew's follicle fables.

While Minshew may have been head-and-shoulders above other Jags pa sers in recent years,Jacksonville drafted Trevor Lawrence No. 1 overall this year, meaning Minshew's Jaguars tenure could Greg Gaines Jerseys  soon come to a halt, depending on how the next few months play out.

Recent rumors suggest that the Jags would take a fifth- or sixth-round pick for Minshew.

Free Minshew? (via )

B/R Gridiron (@brgridiron)

Now, Lawrence is undoubtedly the QB1 in Jacksonville  at least when it comes to A'Shawn Robinson Jerseys  the hair depth chart.

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