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Josh Gordon is making his return to football, but it's not in the NFL.

Gordon will be Russell Gage Jerseys  making his debut in the Fan Controlled Football league on Satuday, March 6. Yes, that league isexactlywhat it sounds like. It's a football league primarily run by the fans. The fans draft the players, call the plays and even control what type of pants the head coach wears.

The league has already played three weeks with just one team remaining undefeated (Beasts). The other three teams are all tied with a 1-2 record. We'll see just what type of impact Gordon can make when he starts Saturday night.


Below, we'll go over what you can expect from Gordon in his first-ever game.

How to watch Josh Gordon play in Fan Controlled Football

You'll be able to watch Josh Gordon play in the FCF on the league's Twitch channel (embedded above) or on theVENN TV app.

Gordon's game is projected to start at 9:30 p.m. ET.

What team does Josh Gordon play for in FCF?

Chris Lindstrom Jerseys Josh Gordon plays on the Zappers. He's one of the team's four franchise tagged players, along with quarterback Johnny Manziel, who played with Gordon back on the Cleveland Browns. A franchise tagged player in the FCF is different than the NFL's franchise tag. In the FCF, it simply means that player will remain on the same team throughout the season instead of going back into the weekly player pool for the draft.

Is Josh Gordon suspended in the NFL?

Yes. Josh Gordon was expected to make his return near the end of last season with the Seahawks on aconditional reinstatement. Just a day after returning to the Seahawks' Matt Ryan T Shirts  active roster, it was discovered that Gordonbroke the terms of his conditional reinstatement.His conditional reinstatement was later rescinded, and he was suspended indefinitely by the NFL on January 15, 2021. It was his sixth suspension of his career.

Why is Josh Gordon playing in the FCF?

Since Josh Gordon is unable to play in the NFL, he decided to continue his football career in another way. In a pair of tweets this week, Gordon briefly explained why he decided to join this league.

I personally asked Seahawks for release. The contract was expired but still legally binding...


Sooo  Marcus Mariota Jerseys instead of sitting at home all year. Why not keep doing what Im great at.. Not that I have to explain anything, but...


Bob Menery, owner  Julio Jones T Shirts of the Zappers, it asGordon doing the league "a little favor."Menery says Gordon's main goal is obviously to continue to play in the NFL, but with no actual contract with a team, he was free to play in the FCF.

Will Josh Gordon dominate in the FCF?

The FCF features plenty of players who have spent time with NFL rosters, but the league lacks recognizable names. Manziel and Gordon are by far the two biggest names in the league, and Manziel has been away from football for a while so he's not quite the talent he was back when he won the Heisman trophy.

As long as Gordon has remained in shape, we expect his talent level will really shine in this league. He's a former All-Pro receiver, making him really the only player in the FCF who  Christian Blake Jerseys has had NFL succe s.

When asked about Gordon's arrival, Richard Sherman (co-owner of another team) said to expect fireworks when the wide receiver plays.

"I'm not going to lie, I would gue s he dominates," Sherman said on the . "No offense to anybody, but he's a trulytranscended talent and a guy who has played ridiculously well in our league. And he's played great on every level."

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