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Trace McSorely is a third-string quarterback on the Ravens who was a sixth-round draft pick a year ago. There is seemingly nothing too interesting about him, and yet he's become a viral sensation over the past week thanks to TikTok.

TikTok, the video-focused social media app, has rebirthed a song dedicated toMcSorely. The original song was created in 2018when McSorely was at Penn State. But thanks to a TikTok created by @sorley_yt, users have been enjoying it all over again.


The original TikTok showedMcSorely in Madden Ultimate Team taking  Trevon Coley Jerseys over a roster and playing well.

2nd Best QB in the game

The helped inspire others to create similar videos.

Even the NFL's official TikTok account got in on the joke.

my bo s doesnt believe me, like to prove her wrong

So what's the whole deal behind this? We'll break down everything you need to know about the song and McSorley.

Trace McSorley TikTok song

While some may believe the TikTok account is behind the McSorley song, it's actually a song that was createdin 2018. WhileMcSorley is a third-string quarterback now, he was a starting quarterback at Penn State back then and was even considered a Heisman hopeful.

The song was written byMattyFreshTV and performed by LonelyBoySunday. The full version is nearly three minutes long.

The man behind the TikTok isDavid James, a highschool student  Tennessee Titans Pet Gear living inPennsylvania. In an , James said the video hit more than 2 million views on TikTok.

"I felt like I had something pretty cool, he told the Sun. "But I never thought it would be this big."

Trace McSorley TikTok song lyrics


Despite the fact that he led his high schoolTo four straight state championship  Derick Roberson Jerseys game appearances,Very few high major recruiters looked at the 6-foot tall180-pounder and said: Quarterback.

Chorus Throw it on a dimeLike ya'll ain't even tryingJust a kid from Briar WoodsI'm wearing number nineCoach Franklin down at VandyFlip to Happy ValleyNow I'm coming back and got the Natty on my mindThey can't touch my deep ballEvery game I'm scoringI'm your favorite quarterbackThey call me Trace McSorleyRep that blue and whiteYou know I do it for the gloryBaker won the Heisman, next up Trace McSorley

Verse 1 Trace McSorleyThey call me Trace  David Long Jr. Jerseys McSorleyI went out to the bar and I woke up in a sororityMichigan defense softer than that CheesecakeBeaverstadium, get loud, home team 14 StraightAnd De'Andre going longBack shoulder to JuwanIt's that Big 10 title seasonTry to take me out, too bad we still got Tommy Stevens


Verse 2 Trace McSorleyThey call me Trace McSorleyI make these other Quarterbacks look boring, I'm snoringI came in as a starter and went 22-5If you bring that blitz, I scramble outAnd let that fer flyLong ball I got no fearGoing into my 5th year and I look back at 2014Thinkin' how the hell did we get here?Saquon to the big leagueNext up Miles SandersAnd the Nittany Lions moving forwardWhile the Buckeye's going backward

Bridge Listen to the critics they all Jordan Roos Jerseys  say I'm undersizedIf you wanna win a game then put your faith in number 9And we coming for that title best believe I'm gonna shineI'm about to show Joe Moe why you should not leave me behind


Trace McSorley Madden rating

The original TikTok showed McSorley in a Madden Ultimate Team setting, which has different ratings for players than the typical Madden game.McSorley is a MUT21 Core Silver card, which is the worst in the game mode. There are no equippables, meaning there is no way for his card to improve.

McSorley's MUT card is at 66 overall, making him one of the worst quarterback options available. He has 79 speed, 75 throw power and terrible accuracy (60 short, 54 medium, 55 deep). His awarene s is also extremely low at 39.

Despite allthis, the TikTok meme has helped boost his stock. And now this Core Silver card is way above how much it should cost, as not a single card can be purchased  Tennessee Titans Sleepwear Underwear below 10,000 coins in the Auction store.

For reference, other Core Silver quarterbacks in MUT can be purchased for as little as 600 coins.

His regular "Madden 21" stats make him a 54 overall quarterback. However his 87 speed makes him the sixth-fastest quarterback in the game.

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