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Is Kareem Hunt playing on Sunday night Fantasy injury update

By seestyle at 2022-07-25 • 0 collector • 93 pageviews

Just when it seemed as if mi sed opportunities were going to cost the Eagles in their "Thursday Night Football" contest with the Giants, Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia offense flipped a switch.

Wentz led back-to-back touchdown drives late in the fourth quarter, the game-winning score coming on an inch-perfect throw to running back Boston Scott with 40 seconds remainingto give the Eagles the margin of victory in their 22-21 triumph.

Those two drives came after three straight three-and-outs and a turnover on downs near the goal line by the offense in the second half.  C.J. Henderson Jerseys The Eagles, down 14-10 early in the fourth quarter after an set up a Wayne Gallman TD rush,went for it on fourth-and-goal from the 3 but Wentz's pa s fell incomplete. Jones and the Giants responded with a  touchdown.

They got their opportunity thanks to Giants tight end Evan Engram, who dropped what would have been a first-down throw near the Eagles' 25. Instead, the Giants had to punt and give the ball back to Wentz at the Philadelphia 29 with 2 Julian Stanford Jerseys :02 remaining.

Giants vs. Eagles scoreQ1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Total Giants 707721Eagles 7301222Giants vs. Eagleslive updates, highlights from 'Thursday Night Football'

11:37 p.m. FINAL: Eagles 22, Giants 21.

11:36 p Chuba Hubbard Jerseys .m. FUMBLE:  Brandon Graham pokes it out from Jones and Philadelphia recovers. That should wrap things up.

11:31p.m. TOUCHDOWN EAGLES.  What a catch from Boston Scott! Wentz floats it up perfectly over the defender's head and Scott snags it. 2-point conversion is no good, Philadelphialeads 22-21 with 40 seconds remaining. No timeouts left for New York.

BOSTON SCOTT COMES THROUGH.The take the lead with 40 seconds left!: on NFLN/FOX/PRIME VIDEO:


11:20 p.m. 2-minute Warning:  Wentz hits Richard Rodgers for a first down. Eagles have it, first and 10 at their 40-yard line, 1:55 remaining. Plenty of time for a game-winning drive.

11:18 p.m.  Jones delivers one on the money to Engram on third down, but Engram can't haul it in. Eagles get the ball back at their 29-yard line after a penalty for lowering the helmet, 2:02 left to play.

11:09 p.m. TOUCHDOWN EAGLES.  Wentz hits Greg Ward for a 3-yard TD. 2-point conversion is no good,  Marquis Haynes Jerseys but a nice quick drive for Philadelphia, they trail 21-16 with 4:38 remaining.10:   24 p.m.  Biiiiiiiiig run for Daniel Jones. He sees a lot of open gra s to his right on the read option and pulls it for an 80-yard run, but gets tripped up by the turf monster. Brandon Zylstra Jerseys  Giants have it near the goal line.



10:20 p.m.  Annnnnnnd another punt. Eagles go three-and-out, Giants get it back at their 12-yard line, 8:51 left in the third quarter.

10:17 p.m.  The slow start continues for both offenses. Giants punt again and the Eagles get it at their 32-yard line, 9:50 remaining in the third quarter.

10:11 p.m.  The Giants' defense responds with a three-and-out. New York ball at its 21-yard line, 10:54 left in the third quarter.

9:43 p.m.   FUMBLE.  Dion Lewis coughs it up on a draw play and Philadelphia gets it back at the New York 42-yard line with 38 seconds remaining.


The Checkdown (@thecheckdown)

9:40 p.m.  Welp, that didn't do it. A three-and-out gives the ball back to New York, ball at its 35-yard line with 57 seconds remainin

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