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Week 1 Fantasy QB Rankings Week 1 Fantasy QB Rankings

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There wasn't much excitement for football fans on Thanksgiving this year.

After the Texans won comfortably over the Lions in the first game, the Washington Football Team used a dominant fourth quarter to run away with a 41-16 win over the Cowboys.

Rookie running back Antonio Gibson had a career day for Washington, racking up 115 yards and three touchdowns on 20 carries. Two of those touchdowns came in the fourth quarter.


The game got off to a decent start for Dallas. After the defense forceda three-and-out on Washington's first po se sion, the Cowboys' offense marched right into the red zone. Jason Sanders Jerseys  But injuries to right tackle Zack Martin and left tackle Cameron Erving foreshadowed a long night of offensive struggles.


Still, Dallas managed to put up 10 points in the second quarter, thanks to a 54-yard touchdown pa s from Andy Daton to Amari Cooper and ashort field goal from Greg Zuerlein to make it 17-13, Washington,heading into the locker room.

Washington forcedan Ezekiel Elliott fumble to set up a Dustin Hopkins field goal that made it 20-13early in the third quarter. Dallas'defense came up with a turnover of its own, with linebacker Jaylon Smith returning an interception to the Jesse Davis Jerseys  Washington 4, but the Cowboys' offense couldn't take advantage and had to settle for a field goal. Still, it was just a four-point game heading into the fourth quarter.

7:37 p.m. TOUCHDOWN, WASHINGTON.  That was quick. Dalton tries to loft a screen pa s but Montez Sweat jumps up, grabs it out the air and runs it back into the end zone for a pick six. Washington leads 41-16 with 3:24 remaining.

. just did that. What a play.Touchdown, !:  Blake Ferguson Jerseys on FOX: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app:


7:35 p. Solomon Kindley Jerseys m. TOUCHDOWN, WASHINGTON.  Gibson goes right up the gut, makes a couple cuts and goes 37 yards untouched into the end zone. Washington leads 34-16 with 3:31 remaining.

7:08 p.m. END OF 3Q: Washington 20, Cowboys 16.  Dallas has it, second and 5 at its 17-yard line to start the fourth quarter.

7:07 p.m. Washington punts.  That's the first punt for Tre s Way since Washington's first po se sion. Dallas  Raheem Mostert Jerseys takes over at its 12-yard line with 31 seconds left in the third quarter.

6:05 p.m. FIELD GOAL, COWBOYS.  Once again, Dallas moves the ball well but stalls out in the red zone. Zuerlein hits from 32 yards to cut Washington's lead to 17-13 with 19 seconds remaining in the first half.

5:51 p Tua Tagovailoa Hoodies Sweatshirts .m. Two-minute warning.  Dallas has it, first and 10 at its 41-yard line.

5:47 p.m. TOUCHDOWN, WASHINGTON.  Thomas hauls in a 5-yard catch in the end zone and Washington retakes the lead, 17-10 with 2:26 remaining in the half.

Alex Smith to ... TOUCHDOWN !: on

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