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Possibly named the All-Madden Edition

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Since the death of Madden, Madden NFL fans have been pushing on behalf of Madden to be included for inclusion on Madden NFL 23's cover. Although the cover is typically reserved for an athlete of note Mut Coins Madden 23, Madden NFL 23's cover was a departure from the norm in its own way and many believe that having a cover dedicated exclusively to Madden would be the best way to remember the legend. A few fans have gone to the extreme of creating mock covers with Madden, and some like @antwon_creates shared these on social media websites.

EA has not yet announced the name of the person who will appear on Madden NFL's cover. However, an edition of the game that features Madden would certainly be an easy way of pleasing players and honor the legendary football player.

Like all sports, Madden NFL enjoys the benefits of having a release for every platform over the last couple of years, Madden NFL has conspicuously left out Nintendo, The last time an Madden NFL game was played on a Nintendo gaming console was Madden NFL 13 on Nintendo's Wii U. It's a shame as there are many football fans who would benefit from an Switch port of Madden NFL titles. According to rumors, things could change by the release of Madden NFL 23, and fans may finally be able to enjoy the game on a Switch release.

These rumors are inspired by job advertisements from EA searching for a programmer who can program Madden NFL who has experience playing with "Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo game consoles." It is believed that this suggests that EA is developing future Madden releases on Nintendo gaming systems. Although the date for a Nintendo release of Madden NFL 23 has still to be announced, EA could increase Madden's player base through this.

One of the fun features that comes with Madden NFL features the multiplayer online mode. However, for many years the series hasn't permitted cross-play. That means gamers on different consoles cannot be paired up Buy Madden nfl 23 Coins. This has been a snub for a while. However, there are rumors the possibility that Madden NFL 23 will buck tradition and allow cross-play.

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