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Popular poker myths

By teddybear at 2022-07-07 • 0 collector • 183 pageviews


Poker players can use bluffing, but it is not a major strategic decision in the game

The stereotype that bluffing is the only effective technique in poker has probably come down to us from the movies.

 We often see the imperturbable hero with the infamous poker face, trying to pass off his cards as a winning combination. 

What exactly are the most winning combinations can be seen again at https://www.pekarstas.com/kombinatsii-pokera/.

But in fact, professionals resort to all-out bluffing less often than they do to half-bluffing. 

The difference between the two is the odds of forming a decent hand on Turn and Rivera. In the case of a half-bluff, players use an undrawn hand with a high probability of "reaching."

Consequently, poker consisting entirely of bluffs is no more than a fairy tale.

That's because it's simply not profitable to bluff all the time! Risking your stack all the time with or without a reason is hardly a good idea.

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Poker and casinos are designed to ruin

There is another interesting notion that the purpose of gambling establishments to rip off the client as much as possible. 

On the one hand, there really is some truth here. However, it is necessary to clearly distinguish between cheating and fee-for-service.

In the first case, the player may come across a dishonest room, which will not give him the winnings and generally put unprofitable conditions.

 But as we said before, it is extremely important to choose a poker room that is reputable. Only in a proven place you can guarantee yourself the honesty in withdrawals and the game itself.

As for the second point, any service is paid. In decent establishments there is no point in fooling players and fraudulently taking their hard-earned savings.

To begin with, poker rooms and casinos will charge the player for services rendered in any case, i.e. rake. After all, customer service, software, technical support, staff, food and drinks all need to be maintained and all cost money.

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