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Assuming that the cosmos is not a simulation but a really real place, and assuming that only living things exhibit consciousness, then Mind Tech Pill consciousness played no part in the creation, or even the early evolution of the cosmos. If the Big Bang event scenario is correct, even in the broadest context, then immediately post Big bang, and probably for quite some time thereafter, the cosmos was not even close to being a Goldilocks Universe and thus the cosmos was devoid of life and devoid of consciousness. Immediately pre Big Bang, assuming a before the Big Bang (which I do), the conditions would also not have been suitable for life, as say in any Big Crunch that would of eventuated just before the Big Bang. Any time close to that Big Bang event, on either side of that Big Bang event, is not a time any intelligent and conscious life forms would want to find themselves in. As we note in the movies, and in real warfare, any time that bomb is about to go off is a good time to head in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, in space-time either side of the Big Bang event, there may not have been any other direction to head into. And so the odds suggest no life and no consciousness pre Big Bang as well as post Big Bang and thus consciousness played no role in and around the Big Bang event.

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