2020 Travis Scott x Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Para-Noise White AQ4211-001 For Sale

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Although jordan shoes 2019 lost two years of military service, the young staunch did not slow down, and began extensive cooperation with Nike Air Force 1 to pay tribute to him just after his release. . The pair of products called "Para-Noise" share common aesthetic characteristics with the three exclusive products and will be launched tomorrow. The PEACEMINUSONE stamp retains the details and hides the artwork of its own design under the matte black paint. . The two graphic insoles also have the same details, their colors break most of the white lining, and the white lining is almost blank texture, similar to the aforementioned streetwear label type.
As seen previously, the New Yeezy 2020 wears a premium black leather upper with cracked details that reveal hidden colors. Other elements of the upper include the contrasting white Swoosh brand logo, a daisy pattern embroidered on the tongue, the brand's thick laces and white lining. The sole of the white AF1 was lifted up and worn casually with black paint. What is invisible is the printed insole with a graffiti-inspired pattern printed on it, centered on a large daisy pattern and dots of text.
This New Jordan 2020 has an earthy color scheme and is similar in atmosphere to his other Nike versions. The nubuck upper is also equipped with removable paisley and plaid print finishes. The idea is that the more you actually skate with these sneakers, the more it reveals the pattern underneath the overlay. We want to think of this as a subtle nod to the legendary skate magazine Skate and Destroy.

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