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Slitting process of cutting blade

By wanlong at 2022-06-20 • 0 collector • 118 pageviews

There are three common slitting processes: 1. Edge cutting: a variety of materials are compounded to form a process edge. By cutting the process edge reserved in the process, products meeting the process requirements can be obtained This cutting method is mostly used for processing composite films and other materials. 2. Roll cutting: cut the whole roll of wide coiled material into several rolls of narrow specification coiled material through a high-speed circular knife This cutting method is mostly used in the adhesive products industry. 3. Sub roll: the material with large roll diameter shall be divided into multi roll and small roll diameter materials according to the requirements of winding length and width This slitting method is mostly used in film substrate and flexible packaging color printing industry. How to select the slitter blade is determined by the type and thickness of slitting materials. Generally, the slitting forms of slitter blades include square knife slitting and circular knife slitting. 1. The square knife slitting is to fix the blade on the tool holder of the slitting machine like a razor, drop the blade during the material operation, and make the blade cut the material longitudinally to achieve the purpose of slitting. The square slitter blade is mainly divided into single-sided blade and double-sided blade: the single-sided blade is better for thick and rigid thick film slitting, because the hard blade is not easy to displace under the high-speed condition of the slitter. In order to ensure the product quality, the single-sided blade with a thickness of 70-130um is recommended. The double-sided blade is relatively soft and suitable for slitting thinner materials. In order to ensure the flatness of the film edge and prolong the service life at the same time Double sided blade is recommended when the thickness is below..

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