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Greed and fear of not making enough money

By teddybear at 11 Days Ago • 0 collector • 28 pageviews

The most serious mistakes in investing and trading lie not in your knowledge, but in your head. 

Failure to control your emotions and your brain will inevitably lead to financial losses.

 And this will be repeated until you remember the lesson and act in a disciplined manner. First you need to buy quality hardware such as Ryzen 5900x for example. And then start reading and thinking and buying.

For example, you've opened a chart, set a take and stop. 


That's it, leave the position. This is your system, your analysis. It will either work out or not. And, even if you have a new trading strategy, the first 10 trades are in the red, it does not mean that the strategy sucks.

 Things can happen in the market.

Risk management is important. You may have 10 losing trades in a row, and then you win back your losses. 

This is usually the case, the market always gives an opportunity to make money, but because of the human factor, we do not see or simply do not use these opportunities. 

If you see a solana at $100, you see that someone is discounting it at the top, do not buy it in the hope of a price of $ 3000. 

You're being scammed. Look for projects in the beginning. And ask yourself, how many people in your environment made 10,000% on the coins and how many quit their jobs after that?

And here are all the funds that walked away with profits))

The officials sold all their stocks here to avoid a "conflict of interest".

So you have to work with your own head and work through every failure, find the cause and effect relationship between the failure. 

Extract from there what led to it and do not repeat such mistakes. And so step by step, Step by StepN))

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